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11.25.06I added a player profile to the Battlefield 2142 page containing my current stats. It's not completely done at this point, but I have my rank and basic score information along with all of my awards.
09.12.06I went ahead and set up a page for Battlefield 2142 since I managed to get a key for the last few days of the beta and posted a bunch of screenshots I took while playing. Also, a few of the existing pages (those I probably won't be updating anymore) have been moved to the archive.
06.01.06In case you haven't figured it out, I'm pretty much done with the design of this site, but I will continue to update things here and there. I have moved on to developing the site for my current project, the RPG Toolset.
03.06.06I added a new page with some pictures from Autobahn 6, an electronic pop music festival that Sarah and I went to in Wilmington this weekend.
01.24.06The Map Editor project page was modified to encompass the overall RPG Toolkit that I plan to develop. I'll use this to post descriptions and updates for each part of the project.
12.28.05I finally added two MP3 clips from Heliotrope, the newest Backlash album.
10.15.05I got rid of my e-mail link and added a Contact page with an e-mail form and instant messenger information. Also, I removed the "random" link and just listed the pages separately on the sidebar.
10.11.05I now have a stop-motion animation page, and the first short film I made as a test is available for download.
10.05.05Some screenshots for Battlefield 1918 (a BF2 mod) were added to the Battlefield 2 page. I divided this page into categories and more will be added as mods are released.

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